Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One year ago

One year ago today we received the call. Our caseworker called me late afternoon letting me know she had our referral. We were not expecting our referral so soon. I proceeded to call Kellar, he was meeting with some other ministers and there response to my call was that it sounded like a "your wife is in labor call". He came home and we sat at the computer screen as we were given all the information on our potential new son, Tewodros. We accepted our referral a couple days later.
We are currently enjoying our summer vacation. We just returned from a trip to the midwest to visit our families and friends.
I am busy cleaning our school area and our bedroom (it becomes the dumping ground for paper). I am getting ready for our annual homeschool curriculum sale; hopefully I can make some purchases for next year. I know what I plan on using, just need to find it at the best price.
Ashleigh completed the 5th grade, I now have a middle schooler. She took part in Smiles and Frowns Playhouse again in the performance of Scheherazade; Legend of the Arabian Nights. She also played spring soccer and her team placed 1st in the tournament. She has recently started sewing and knitting.
Elijah has finished 1st grade. He really enjoyed his math as well as doing map work. He has had a huge year adjusting to being a big brother.
Tewodros finished kindergarten. He enjoyed his school time and wanted to do everything Elijah was doing. He also played spring soccer (he is our all around athlete). He can hardly wait till he can play with a team again. He loved scoring goals, drop kicking, heading... The first time he drop kicked the ball was during a game and all the parents thought we taught it to him. He learned it by watching Ashleigh's team. He wants to play baseball next year as well as soccer.