Friday, February 19, 2010

New Year

2009 what a year! Now that it is 2010, what does God have in store for our family. The easiest way for me to share what is happening is to share some pictures. The first picture shows Tewodros in snow for the first time. He called it "snowing throwing". We had recently seen the movie Elf and he imagined that he could throw snow as fast as Elf. He gave it a try. He loved the snow. Next you see him digging into his first Christmas stocking. Ashleigh is holding her newest cousin Bryce. Then Elijah and Tewodros are laying up on the steps watching as Travis and Connie have their first dance. Then a snow scene from our first snow Saturday January 30th. Okay I hit the preview button and the pictures are in reverse order, sorry about that.