Friday, October 17, 2008

Our journey begins

This year has been amazing.  Kellar and I along with Ashleigh and Elijah have begun a journey to our son/ brother in Ethiopia.  After having our two beautiful children God has laid on our hearts international adoption.  Before our pregnancy with Ashleigh, Kellar and I had talked about one day adopting.  FYI: I read a statistic that says only 4% of those who talk about adopting actually pursue it.  Well that day has arrived.
Let me take you back to March.  God began speaking to Kellar's heart about international adoption.  After prayer, Kellar came to me (fully aware I desired to have more children).  He put forth the idea of having another child that was not birthed by me as well as being from another country.  Wow, my heart leaped.  Then we spent some time in prayer.
For our 14th anniversary we went to a Steven Curtis Chapman concert.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, SCC and his wife have adopted three little girls from China and they have also started an adoption ministry.  At the concert he expressed his love for his girls in his hit song "Cinderella."  We left the concert with God once again tugging our heart strings and felt He was leading us to also adopt from China.  After some online research China was not an option for us.
Then while we on our month long sabbatical God showed us 8 different families (many friends we visited) who had adopted, were in the process, or were also praying about it.  God showed us a beautiful picture of interracial adoption.  When we arrived back in Greenville, I contacted several adoption agencies, asked questions, and prayed.  Kellar's heart was still in China and mine had found the beautiful children in Africa.  In August, God showed us the need for forever families in Ethiopia.
Please join us in prayer for the people of Ethiopia and our little boy.  Our little boy has already been born as we have requested a boy between the ages of 24-40 months old.   


Nancy Spizzirri said...

What a beautiful story. With God on your side another son will be yours. Grandma and grandpa will soon have six grandsons to love and cherish. Our God is an AWESOME GOD!

Nancy Spizzirri said...

I forgot to mention that we have one beautiful granddaughter, that will love her second brother as much as she loves her first.

jimkathyjeremy said...

Congratulations and Good Luck
to you on your quest to find a little boy. We are excited for you!
I know that you will love him as your own and he will be blessed to have a new forever family. Adoption is a wonderfully exciting and sometimes interesting journey.

Josh P said...

This is going to be an awsome blog to follow, because you can begin to see God's heart and feelings as He pursued us!

Yay for relationships that teach us more and more about God

kbc said...

I'm super excited about this site! I am loving that I can keep in touch with you and that you have a timeline off to the side there! I adore you guys! YAYAYAYAYAY!!! You are so encouraging to me!

creative gal said...

I will be praying for you! I have always felt that international or special needsc adoption may be in my future at some point and actually, had a similar feeling at a Steven Curtis Chapamn Concert. Kind of cool that God opens doors when you least expect it. God is going to show up strong during this journey. And, I am praying for your little boy. :o)