Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's November

What a week in our nations history!  Many of you may have voted for our President-elect and many of you did not.  Now history would have also been made if McCain and Palin won.  I do have to admit for a family who is about to bring home our chocolate chip, it is amazing that our nation has an African American president- elect and what that will mean to our son.  

On Wednesday morning Kellar and I were out the door by 6:30 am to head to Durham.  We arrived at the USCIS office for our 8:30 fingerprinting appointment.  After going through security we checked in, filled out more paperwork, and waited along with a couple who are adopting, and several others who were obviously not from the United States.  I was called first.  The fingerprinting is done on a glass plate connected to a computer.  They used windex to wipe my fingers.  They do a flat screen with 4 fingers then the thumb.  Then they roll each finger,  I had to redo several fingers as my print did not pass.  On the other hand, Kellar passed with high scores for each finger.  Then we filled out a survey and were done.

November is National Adoption Month
Things you can pray for our family:
1.  quick paperwork processing
2.  upcoming home study visit
3.  homeschooling 
4.  unity in all decisions
5.  Kellar's final weeks of teaching for the semester
6.  our son in Ethiopia and his birth family


Amanda H. Avery said...

Chocolate Chip!!!!!

hahahahahaha! That's great!

And very true about the impact on his life--

BAMboozle said...

I may be tempted to call the kid "Chip" every now & then...haha and you know I'll be praying for you guys

Kellar Stem said...

Oh my goodness!! My boy can be called "Chip". I am just going to live out my life through my children. F.Y.I. for the past few years I've been working on a plan to get my name changed to a desired nickname, "Chip". I know, I'm weird, but who isn't.

Josh P said...

I remember "chip" was kellar's name on the Indy trip in 2007.

Your figerprints were harder to get because you work harder with your hands than say Kellar does I bet :-)

Alison said...

Read this on another adoption blog:
Rosa sat, so that Martin could walk, so that Obama could run, so our children can fly...

No matter one's political beliefs, that statement has got to give you goosebumps!