Monday, April 6, 2009

I Must be Crazy, I joined Facebook

I have had this crazy idea for some time now to get onto facebook. Kellar has been on for awhile, never much interest on my part until recently. Maybe because this year marks mine (and Kellar's) 20th high school reunion. Well last night I joined. Kellar started me out by letting his friends know I was now on facebook. My day has been spent confirming friends and seeing what facebook is all about.

Adoption update: I needed to renew my doctor's form, did that still waiting for the call to say it has been notarized
We are still waiting for NC USCIS, we were finger printed last November, still waiting What a day of rejoicing it will be when the mailman delivers our approval letter


creative gal said...

Welcome to FB!!

Britt said...

You're not crazy--you're absolutely sane! Now you can keep up with all of us! Haha. I'm praying for you guys with all this stuff for Ethiopia. O, and this weekend was awesome...thanks for helping out with the girls weekend =)