Thursday, May 21, 2009

Things to Do

In no particular order my list of things to do:
1. Pray for little brother (wait time for a referral is 4 months, pray for early referral)
2. Pray for Kellar as he finishes out his mission trip he has been gone since the 11th of May will be home on the 24th
3. Finish 08-09 school year, should be done next Friday the 29th (doing school over the weekend in order to finish)
4. File, file, file stacks of paperwork
5. Shred from stacks
6. Go through kids rooms, we have too much stuff
7. Make more strawberry jam
8. Make another to do list


creative gal said...

Your "to do" list sounds just as busy as mine! :o) Hang in there. Praying!!

Ellen said...

I love your to do list - especially the strawberry jam! I live up the road about an hour and a half - we are just south of Elizabeth City. I used to live in Williamston early on in my adult life! Maybe we can get our little ones together when they get home!!