Thursday, July 2, 2009


We received an update on our little guy this week. It is good to hear he is doing well. Ashleigh and Elijah are excited to know more about their little brother. We have started getting the boys' room ready. Check out the cool closet. Kellar once again did all the painting and of course the assembling of the closetmaid system. Hopefully real soon we will have the room walls painted and a new bed assembled. I am also going to post a few pics from our vacation last month.
Prayer points:
1. For our court date (remember courts close from 8/8-9/25)
2. For our Christian brothers and sisters in North Africa (where Kellar did his prayer journey in May)
3. God's continual provisions for our family
4. For Kellar as he makes preparations for campus ministry stuff for the upcoming school year
5. For our family to keep Jesus in the center of it all

“He has become such a grown up kid that he has become a mediator when his friends fight. He is observed to be more loving and caring to other kids. Sometimes when he comes up the younger kids start crying for his toy. He quickly gives them what he is playing with and takes another one for himself. A four year old was crying because a six year old was playing with a toy that she wanted to play with. He talked to 6 year old and convinced him that he should give to her. He has recently started painting drawings and he shows great excitement when it is time to paint.”


creative gal said...

Praying!! I met some people that know you the other day. . . but I Can't tell you who (HIPPA)

Kelly said...

We are definitely praying, Victoria included. Kellar, I'm impressed with the closet!!! Got the form you gave us out into the mail this week. Hope it helps!